Carbide EDM Blocks

Carbide EDM Blocks

Tungsten carbide EDM block is widely used to make various molds, such as plastic, rubber, brass, and steel punching/stamping molds. OED carbide EDM block has high abrasive resistance and polishing performance to ensure the good surface roughness of the working piece.

OED has three kinds of EDM block: Heterogeneous Structure EMD Carbide block, ultra-fine structure EDM block, and high-speed punching block. The three kinds of blocks apply to different mold manufacturing.

All of our EDM blocks have been inspected by internal flaw detection and stress relieving by cryogenic treatment before shipping. The constant premium quality is supplied to our customers for over the past 10 years.

Features of Heterogeneous Structure EMD Carbide block

1. Prevent and stop the crack extension

2. High toughness

3. Improve production efficiency and life-span

Carbide grade: OBI30

ultra-fine structure EDM block

1. High abrasive resistance and polishing performance, suitable for high precision molds

2. High toughness

3. Improve production efficiency and life-span

Carbide grade: OBC10

Binder: 10%

Hardness: HRA 92.1

Hardness: HV30 1710

Density: 14.40 g/cm3

T.R.S ≥2260 N/mm2

Grain size: Sub-fine

Most popular grade, delivery in shortest time.

Carbide grade: KU30F

Application area

Automobile industry: used for forming molds of high precision spare parts for various kinds of automobile, improving production efficiency and ensuring the stability and consistency of the products.

Aerospace material: used for molds of high precision spare parts

electrical components: used for molds and clamps of electrical components

Medical instruments: used for molds and clamps to produce the Ultra-precision parts of medical instruments.