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Solution 1

Solve the problem of edge breakage of milling cutters

When communicating with one of our customers from South America, we’ve been told that the cutting edge of milling cutters often broke after they used rods offered by other suppliers to produce the milling cutters.
After we got a better understanding of the specific material performance of the processing workpiece and clear pictures showing the blade breakage, our technical and research department worked together to discuss and analyze the problem to find the solutions. In the end, we provided the customers with rod samples using another Grade with a Finer grain size. The problem was solved successfully after the customers used the milling cutters made of the rods we offered. From then on, we have been doing business with the customer and offering them the relevant technical consulting service.

Solution 2
Provide customers with more practical and economical application solutions

We are all looking for ways to reduce the cost of production under the circumstance of weak economy. One of our costumers who produces drills and milling cutters asked if we could find a more economical solution without affecting the quality of the products. Their products are mainly used for rough machining steels. After keeping on talking with the customers, we have learned the specific processing method and the material of the workpiece and we recommended a more suitable material with a more competitive price and a better abrasion resistant. The stable quality and reasonable price make us and customers a win-win situation.

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